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Founded in 1995, Les conseillers KHEOPS technologies (KHEOPS technologies) is a service firm specializing in the implementation of geographic information systems (GIS).

Since its founding, KHEOPS technologies has become a leader in geomatic solutions by developing and marketing land-management technologies that meet today's organizational needs.

Alongside its business operations, KHEOPS technologies' research and development (R&D) activities have led to the development of a downloadable client/server technology for distributing and viewing georeferenced data with a web browser. This technology, known as JMap, is in line with the contemporary trend and concerns related to the exchange and distribution of georeferencing data.

What is JMap?

JMap is an open solution for publishing interactive spatial applications over enterprise, public, and mobile networks.

JMap and the JMap Extensions put spatial analytical tools directly into the hands of decision makers, providing a degree of interactive mapping to the World at large that was previously reserved to small populations of GIS specialists.

JMap leverages three rapidly expanding domains: Web-based networking, spatial data warehousing, and location-based services.

JMap offers you


  • Enterprise connectivity: access to JMapServer through an Intranet architecture,

  • Internet/Extranet connectivity: downloadable applets and HTML applications accessible within industry-standard Web browsers,

  • Mobile connectivity: JMap applications can run on cellular devices and PDAs.


  • Scalability to hundreds of concurrent users,

  • Highly optimized data traffic management over global networks,

  • Optional caching of data in client environment for a degree of functionality matching that of desktop applications.


  • Choice of server technology: Linux, Windows, and UNIX,

  • Zero installation in client environment,

  • Web-based server administration.


  • Direct connection with common GIS vector and raster formats,

  • Direct connection with Oracle Spatial,

  • Direct connection with WMS-compliant data servers,

  • Direct link between spatial information and alphanumerical information stored in relational databases.


  • Vector-based client/server applications provide the same degree of interactivity fore the user as desktop-based applications,

  • Interaction with spatial objects: object-based selection, hyperlinks, tooltips, popup menus?

  • Object-based querying, reporting, and links to other applications.


  • Plug-and-play business extensions: collaboration tools & redlining, geocoding, multimedia, spatial online analytical processing, etc.

  • Customization and extension with JMap?s Java SDK

  • Consulting services for a turnkey solution

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